A Winning Game Plan


Let Legacy Studios capture the memories for each of your organizations' sports teams throughout every season. No matter the sport, we will be there to take your individual and team pictures. Legacy Studios provides a professional team of services from the beginning planning process through the delivered product. It all starts with quality photos that make memories last.


 No forms for parents or coaches to fill out and distribute.

 Athletes are photographed in 3-5 different poses, not just one.

 Parents receive the images on their mobile devices within minutes of the photos being taken.

 Photo packages are mailed directly to the athlete’s home - FAST!


Call us today to book your team or league!


Please note - If you have questions concerning sports pictures that have already been photographed by Legacy Studios, please contact our Customer Care department at customercare@legacystudios.com or 716-512-6336.



Schedule your photo date with us! We schedule the photographers and assistants for your photoshoot. Contact us today to view all your options!


Each athlete is photograped in 3-5 different poses, not just one! We email parents a link to their athlete’s individual and group photo proofs.


Orders are placed AFTER parents have seen the photos, not before. Orders can be placed by mail, phone, or online. Photo orders will be processed and shipped within 72 hours of receipt!